Presentation Patterns With Articulate Storyline

Presentation Patterns With Articulate Storyline

Presentation Patterns With Articulate Storyline

Articulate Storyline helps you convert the power-point presentations, into an interactive elearning course. It has in-built, instructionally rich templates, using which you can create pages with rich text, media and they help in building assessments quickly. You can insert and customize the template the way you want.

You can also add highly interactive learning components.

The following are some of the interactivities you can develop, using Articulate Storyline, to make your courses interactive.

Labeled Graphic/Hotspots

Hot-spots are used to show the location of items or, to describe parts of a product, etc. The hotspots interaction allows users to identify the key elements of an image.

Labeled Graphic/Hotspots developed in Articulate Storyline


Tabs interaction allows users to explore a group of related items. Tabs help users to identify the differences among different objects. Using this interaction, user can walk through a list of related concepts.

Tabs Developed in Articulate Storyline


Timeline interaction allows users to discover the events of a timeline. They can also step through a series of events and periods. You can highlight, the key milestones in a schedule, using this interaction.

Timeline Developed in Articulate Storyline


Process interaction enables users to illustrate the steps of a process. This clearly explains the workflow or, a procedure. Users can also walk through a series of related items, using this interaction.

Numbers Process Developed in Articulate Storyline

Slide show(Media tour)

The Media Tour interaction, allows users to step through a series of related images, video and Flash. You can create a multimedia tour from photographs and videos. It provides a how-to manual, from a series of images.

Slideshow Developed in Articulate Storyline

The table shows the interactivities that you can develop with Articulate storyline, to make the courses interactive. we use these interactivities in our eLearning courses to teach and to assess the learners.


This is why Articulate Storyline is an ideal tool to develop quick and interactive eLearning courses. What other interactivities have you developed with Artiuculate Storyline? Please do share

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