Incorporating Classroom Activities in E-learning Using Articulate Storyline

Incorporating Classroom Activities in E-learning Using Articulate Storyline

Comprehending the ILT material and coming up with an appropriate instructional strategy is itself quite challenging. Using classroom activities in eLearning is next to impossible. Are you thinking the same? Let go this thought.

I had a similar challenge and in this blog, I will share some suggestions to use classroom activities in eLearning.

The ILT had 5 modules and 9 activities. The strategy to teach this content was to use characters (a representative and a manager), teach from known to unknown and use vector graphics. For activities, the strategy was that the representative will do the activity with the help of the manager.

For each activity, there are three slides:

  • Introduction: The manager will provide an overview of the activity. There may be more than one task in an activity. The introduction page will specify these details.
  • Activity: There are instructions, which guide learners to perform the activities.
  • Solution: The solution for the entire activity is shown here.

With rapid authoring tools such as Articulate Storyline, developing these activities is very easy. All the activities fall under these categories – drag and drop, drop down, and multiple choice questions. The design of the activities makes all the difference.

The objective of the activity was to identify the required documents for each process.

In ILT, each team will have to list the documents for each process and present the list to the class.

Whereas in eLearning, we used a drag and drop interactivity. We enhanced the activity by using icons for each process. The activity was designed in such a way that the learner is actually picking the right document and dropping it in a file holder.

Drag and drop interactivity

The objective of another activity was to select the team to implement the strategy.

In classroom training, each team has to identify the required skills and person responsible for that particular role.

In eLearning, we listed the designation and skills along with some distractors. The learner has to choose the skills appropriate for each designation and drop the person appropriate for that role.

Designation and skills

These are some of the suggestions to use classroom activities in eLearning. I hope you find them useful.

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