Adobe Captivate 7 for Interactive E-learning

Adobe Captivate 7 for Interactive E-learning

Captivate 7 for Interactive ELearning

It’s aptly said “Experience is the toughest teacher”. In other words it can simply be said that learning can better be done by doing. In eLearning, how can we learn by doing?

Well! It is through the interactivities.

Previously, only flash was thought to create highest interactivities, while rapid authoring tools were thought to have certain limitations. However, this is only a myth. Rapid authoring tools too can create highly interactive elearning courses. Let’s see how Adobe Captivate, a rapid authoring tool can be used to create interactive elearning courses.

Adobe Captivate has many in built features . It is a boon for eLearning course developers. Let’s see how Adobe Captivate can be used for designing interactive eLearning courses.

Captivate 7 has many inbuilt interactivities that help save a lot of time in designing the interactivities and assigning actions. We can easily create engaging courses, with a large library of professionally designed interactions, including Hangman and Jigsaw, which can be customized to suit your needs.

Captivate 7 helps us to deliver media rich projects, with the help of Themes, Characters, Smart Shapes and Smart Learning Interactions to create content aesthetically, out of the box.

Using Captivate 7 we can instantly create a fully formatted, grade generating, review page optional quiz, without assigning any actions or variables manually.

Similar actions, either with in a single project or across multiple projects can be easily done using Adobe Captivate 7.

Adobe Captivate 7 can even turn a PowerPoint presentation into an interactive elearning course. Let’s see how.

Captivate 7 for Converting PowerPoint’s into Interactive Elearning

With Captivate 7, we can easily and quickly convert a PowerPoint presentation into an interactive eLearning course. You can import your powerpoint including text, bullets, shapes, audio, animations and triggers, into Adobe Captivate 7 and publish them directly to HTML5. We can add various highly interactive learning components. You can transform PowerPoint presentations into an engaging eLearning courses by using characteristics, themes, interactive elements, and quizzes.

You can publish the imported PowerPoint training material to HTML5. The course will be ready to run on mobile.

Here is screen shot of a course done using adobe captivate.

Captiavate Course

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