Can Owning an Authoring Tool Make you an eLearning Expert?

Can Owning an Authoring Tool Make you an eLearning Expert?

In our earlier blog, we had talked about one misconception that converting PowerPoint presentation into video creates eLearning courses. Yet another misconception that is widely held is that if you have one of the rapid authoring tools, you are all set to create an eLearning course. There is no denying of the fact that authoring tools have simplified the job of a creating eLearning courses. However, can anyone who owns an authoring tool create effective eLearning courses?

Learning experts agree that creating eLearning course is based on learning design principles and no matter what tool is used; the fundamentals of instructional

  • You need to analyze the learners for which the course is to be created.
  • Choose and present the content to suit the target audience.
  • Stay focused on learning objectives.
  • Create a detailed course outline based on the above parameters.
  • Prepare storyboard that details the learning objects, visuals and script in accordance with learning design principles.

You need to have experts who are thorough with these fundamental principles of instructional design to develop the courses – Instructional Designers. They are trained to create eLearning courses based on industry standards and learning design principles.

Using authoring tools does reduce the turnaround time of your eLearning courses. However, you need to have the learning and training background to:

  • decide which tool is best suitable for a given course
  • understand how the tool can be used to meet learning objectives and
  • have the ability to customize the tools when needed get the desired outcome.

In short, you need to be an instructional designer or a learning expert to be able to create effective eLearning courses even when using rapid authoring tools. Do you agree with the thoughts shared? Do share your ideas.

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