Instructing The Learner About Navigation Restrictions

Instructing The Learner About Navigation Restrictions

Instructing The Learner About Navigation Restrictions

Since the last few weeks, I’ve been writing about the different methods to create navigation restrictions in Articulate Storyline. But, the task is not completed by just creating a restriction. We have to add an instruction for the learner that makes him aware of the importance of the topic or the functionality of the slide he is trying to skip. Some courses completely restrict the navigation but some ask the learner if he is sure of his decision to skip the topic. Usually, we display this instruction through alert pop-ups.

So, let’s now see the steps to create this pop-up.

Step 1:

Insert 2 slides with some interactivity or animation on the first slide. Here I’ve created an interactivity.


Step 2:

Create a navigation restriction for the slide using any of the 4 methods discussed in my previous posts. I’ve followed Method III, where I use a variable to create a restriction.

Condition Added

Step 3:

Add a new slide layer and name it Alert.

Layer for Alert popup

Step 4:

Click the layer setting icon. (The sprocket icon)

Layer setting icon

Step 5:

Set the options as shown in the screenshot below.

Layer settings

Step 6:

Now, in the layer, create a pop-up with an instruction as shown in the screenshot below.

Alert popup

Step 7:

Create triggers for the buttons on the pop-up and the close button.

Trigger for the close button:

Close Button Trigger

Trigger for the No, not yet button:

No, not yet Button Trigger

Trigger for the Yes, I’m sure button:

Yes, I'm sure Button Trigger

Step 8:

Now, in the main layer, create a trigger with a variable for the pop-up to be displayed if the learner tries to skip the slide before completing it. Create the trigger as shown in the below screenshot.

Alert popup trigger

Make sure that you have created the restriction before creating this alert pop-up. Now, preview and check the functionality.

This is how we create an alert pop-up suggesting the learner to complete the activity on the slide. For more such interesting functionalities, stay tuned to my blogs.

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