How to insert .swf files into Adobe Presenter

How to insert .swf files into Adobe Presenter

Adobe presenter is the most popular eLearning authoring tool used for quick conversion of Power Point presentations to eLearning courses. But, with its in-built features, there is limited scope for developing rich animations. In order to make your eLearning course rich with interactivities, you can import graphics, audio, animations and video. In this blog, I would like to explain how to import .swf files.

Follow below steps to insert a .swf file:

 Step 1:

Click Adobe Presenter in the Menu bar. CLICK the Swf dropdown icon, and then CLICK theInsert option.


Step 2:

Adobe Presenter – Insert Flash (swf) window will appear. Here, you will find some options to import a .swf file. See the image below to understand more on how to insert flash files.


  1. Select the file, which you want to import.
  2. You can see the Preview of the file before you insert in your course by selecting Preview check box.
  3. If you select the Slide animation option then you can see the file inserted into your course.
  4. If you Check Sidebar animation option, then your .swf file will appear on Interface.


5. Import On option will help you insert your .swf file in your selected slide. (Select the required slide from the drop down)

6. CLICK Open to insert the .swf file into your project.

 This is how you can insert a .swf file into your course. Adobe Presenter is one of the best tools to develop eLearning courses from PowerPoint presentations in an economical way. What do you think?

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