5 Ways to Improve Creativity in Companies

5 Ways to Improve Creativity in Companies

5 Ways to Improve Creativity in Companies

Everyone knows that creativity is fundamental to organizational development. What could you do to ignite the creative ‘spark’ in the minds of employees?

I would like to share my experiences about fostering the innovative spirit in the workforce. I love the five ways used by my manager to promote out-of-the-box thinking. They are as follows:

Encourage exploration

Our minds become stagnated when we do not try to improvise. We all need to find answers to our problems. But when we think BEYOND A SOLUTION to the problem and EXPLORE NEW WAYS of fixing it, we are likely to come up with more novel ideas of resolution, which are easy and cost effective. Organizations that effectively implement these ‘different’ solutions improve their performance, ultimately leading to an impressive bottom line.

Encourage the use of metaphors

We all love to think logically-establishing connections between our thoughts gives clarity to our thinking process. But sometimes, it may be necessary to connect a development in an ‘unrelated’ field to our problem in order to find an effective solution. Metaphors help us associate an unconnected event with our problem and find creative solutions to it.

The evolution of Lean Software Development is a fine example of how solutions to a problem in one sphere of business activity could help resolve issues in another.

Create a stress-free environment

Strain, physical or mental, inhibits creativity. It is necessary to ensure a stress-free work environment for creative ideas to blossom. Fun at the workplace ‘without losing sight of the target’ helps the employee to think better and think differently. This is the mantra behind the success of organizations that provide conducive conditions of employment.

Help deal with ambiguity

We all love certainty. But the bitter truth is that every organizational aspect has some degree of ambiguity. Managers who encourage their employees to embrace and deal with this inevitable uncertainty are more likely to extract creative ideas than others who try to shy away from ambiguous situations. This is because uncertainty compels us to find new ways of approaching our work, which forces us to think differently. It is common knowledge that different thinking is the mother of all out-of-the-box ideas.

Try to change the ‘I-am-not-creative’ attitude

If a person denies his own creativity, then he is denying his existence as a human being. Managers need to devote their efforts to instill confidence in an employee who is diffident about his creative skills. This goes a long way in ensuring the generation of creative ideas. A worker who is confident of his thinking skills can think better and better thinking leads to better ideas – www.successfromthenest.com.

Steps by the manager to improve out-of-the-box thinking help the employees to produce novel ideas and by implementing these new ideas, organizations could innovate and stay ahead in this fiercely competitive world. In my next blog, I would like to share insights on “How e-Learning Could Foster Creativity?”. How did you develop a creative workforce? Please share your experiences with us.

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