How to Import External Storyline Files Into The Articulate Storyline?

How to Import External Storyline Files Into The Articulate Storyline?

How To Import External Storyline Files Into The Articulate Storyline?

Last year, we developed several large curricula. On an average, each curriculum consisted of 15 modules, and each module consisted of 40 slides. In order to reduce development times and enhance efficiency, we “distributed” the work of developing each module among our developers, who use Articulate Storyline.

But here arises an important question. How can you integrate the parts of each module and publish them as a single course? This is because each part was developed separately by the respective developer on his system. This issue can be effectively resolved with the Storyline’s “import” option.

We can import several external storyline files into one working file. Let’s see how to do it.

Steps to Import Storyline File:

By clicking the articulate storyline logo on top left side, you can find the options like New, open, Import, Translation, save etc. if you rollover the mouse on Import option, you will find options like Import PowerPoint, Quiz maker, Storyline and Engage. Now click the Storyline button and select the external storyline files from your drive.

Steps to import storyline file

rollover the mouse on import

Steps to Insert Slides into Storyline:

When you import the storyline file, you open a window of storyline. Select the files which you want to import. In that by automatically all the slides will be selected and all the scenes of which we have imported file. You can see the imported slides in the insert slide window. Here, you can access the options Select All and None. Choose the Select All option, if you want to insert all the slides, select the None option if you want to select specific slides.

Steps to insert slides into storyline

Steps to Insert into the Scene: You can find the dropdown menu of insert into scene on the bottom of the import slides window. In this dropdown menu, you will find the three options – Current Scene, Same as imported project and New scene.

  • Current Scene: This option is used to import the selected slides and scenes into the same scene.
  • Same as imported project: This option allows you to import the total project into the working file.

Steps to insert into the scene

Now click the import button to import the selected slides into the project. This way you can save lot of time by distributing the work to the team and then importing all the files to one file.

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