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How to Import or Record Audio in Articulate Storyline?

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How to Import or Record Audio in Articulate Storyline?

Articulate Storyline is user friendly software with inbuilt features. Storyline tool is very flexible for the developer to develop the eLearning courses. Here, a developer can record his own voice or import audio from other sources. There are three steps to insert audio into the slide.

  • Import audio
  • Record narration
  • Import audio from other source

Let me share more about them.

Import audio

To import audio, go to Insert menu and click on the Sound icon; from the drop-down list select Sound from File….


Import Sound

The Insert Sound window opens. Browse the path and select the audio file and click on the open button.

Insert sound

We can see audio imported to the slide. As per the audio files we can see the audio icons in the slide.


Record narration

To record a narration, we can record and insert audio into the slide or we can even record the narration in-between the audio file. You have two options:

  • Record a sound clip for this slide
  • Record a sound in-between the audio

Record a sound clip for this slide

To record sound for the current slide, go to the Insert menu and click on the Sound icon from the drop-down list; select Record Mic…


Record Mic

The Record Microphone window opens.

Record Microphone

Click on the Record icon.


The Recording window opens and starts recording by counting numbers. Various buttons are available that are useful in the process. Let’s review each of them in detail.

Record Features

  1. Narration script
  2. Stop recording
  3. Play the recorded audio
  4. Rewind the recorded audio
  5. Remove or delete the audio
  6. Edit audio
  7. Save the recording
  8. Cancel the recording

Narration script

When you are recording your own voice, you have the option to use the Narration script that acts as a prompter. Place the text that needs to be recorded and this can easily prompt the narrator as he sees the text in the window.

Narration script

Stop recording

Once the recording is completed, click the stop button to stop the recording.

Stop recording

Play the recorded audio

You can listen to the recorded audio by clicking the play button.

Play the recorded audio

Rewind the recorded audio

Rewind the recorded audio by clicking the rewind button.

Rewind the recorded audio

Remove or delete the audio

If the recorded audio is not correct and needs to be recorded again, click the remove/delete button to delete the audio.

Remove or delete the audio


Edit audio

Click on the edit button to edit the audio. With a click on the icon, the audio file opens in the articulate audio editor window, where you can edit your audio.


Save the recording

Save the recorded file if it is as desired.

Save the recording

Cancel the recording

Want to exit the recording? Click the cancel button to close the window.

Cancel the recording

Import audio file

Click on the audio icon to import the audio file into the slide directly from the browsed path.

Import audio file

Here is the simple and easy way to import or record audio into the slide created in Articulate Storyline.

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