3 Cheers to ILT – The Mother of Rapid E-learning

3 Cheers to ILT – The Mother of Rapid E-learning

3 Cheers to ILT - The Mother of Rapid E-learning

We celebrate Mother’s Day on the second Sunday of May. This is a day of joy as we honor the spirit of motherhood. This is a time when a person thanks and celebrates – thanks the best woman of his life and celebrates the maternal bonds he shares with her.

For us, members of the eLearning community, it is appropriate that we salute Instructor Led Training (ILT), the mother of online training. On this occasion, I would like to share my thoughts on the wonderful relationship between ILT and her child.

An ecstatic ILT gives birth to an online training course

The happiest moment in a woman’s life is when she gives birth to her child. It is quite natural that her heart dances with joy when she sees the little creature, which has come out of her womb, join her family.

ILT was no exception. She was rapturous when the online course was born. This new addition to the family of corporate training has finally come on to earth, as the umbilical cord of learning content that bound the mother and her child was cut by the midwife, rapid eLearning.

A loving ILT supports her child as it grows

A mother carefully observes her child as it grows and supports it during this period of growth. It is common knowledge that proper upbringing goes a long way in transforming the child into a highly successful person.

ILT too, like any other mother, played a key role in the growth of her child, eLearning. She shared some of his responsibility of providing effective training, when he started to work and stood by his side as he began to grow and develop into a respected member of the corporate training family.

A proud ILT sees her excel

A mother’s joy knows no bounds when she learns that her son has performed exceedingly well in his work. Her efforts over the years to make him highly successful have finally bore fruit.

As the use of online courses grew exponentially, Mother ILT shed tears of joy when she learnt that eLearning was involved in 50% of all the training imparted by organizations. This, coupled with the fact that her child has been able to perform what she couldn’t – provide highly flexible training at low cost, made this mother very proud. Indeed, it was a momentous occasion of her life.

Mother ILT is a perfect embodiment of motherhood. She has not just led her son to the path of success, but also millions of others who have progressed in their careers thanks to the knowledge and skills imparted by him.  So on this Mother’s Day, let us wish ILT and all loving mothers who stand by us, support us and enjoy our success

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