How to Send Training Notifications to Users Without an Email Account?

How to Send Training Notifications to Users Without an Email Account?

How to Send Training Notifications to Users Without an Email Account?

As you all know, every organization imparts training to their employees. The training programs can be varied in terms of delivery, procedure or evaluation but the core part – imparting knowledge and skills is always the same. Training always helps employees to perform better and grow as individuals. Training employees ultimately results in the company’s growth. Thus, this is a win-win approach.

So, it is worth to investing on training initiatives. It may be easy to initiate eLearning in organizations, where employees are well educated and computer savvy. But in some organizations, like automobile companies, oil refineries, salons, etc., the workers may not be very computer savvy or internet savvy. If you want to initiate eLearning, using any learning management system, then it will be a challenge to develop an eLearning course for audiences who are not computer savvy. Another challenge is to motivate learner to take the online course.

Is it possible to communicate with such learners who may or may not have smart-phones? They may use mobile phones just to call or send SMSs. Even if they have smart-phones, they may not use them to access the Internet.

If you setup training halls with computers and host the eLearning course on an LMS, workers can learn in their spare time or the time allocated for their training. The next important activity is to motivate the learners. To motivate the learners, you need to communicate frequently and notify them of the new trainings assigned enable them complete pending trainings and congratulate them on successfully completing the course.

All these notifications can be sent through e-mails by the LMS automatically, but for the learners discussed above, emails are not going to work. So, we need to use the SMS (short messaging service) to send the training updates. You can request your LMS provider to include the SMS feature, so that all notifications sent by the LMS through email can be sent by SMS. SMS applications can be easily integrated into an LMS. The cost for SMS subscription is very less and you need to set some templates and activate them in the LMS.

Here are some of the service providers to ascertain the cost details. Based on your location and the service provider, costs will vary.

Please make sure that the number of notifications is minimal, so that the learners are not disturbed frequently at work. Hope you find this blog useful. Do share your views.

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