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Providing Custom Feedback in Articulate Storyline for Effective Learning

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Providing Custom Feedback in Articulate Storyline for Effective Learning

In eLearning, we use two types of assessments to assess the learning. Summative assessments are used at the end of the course to evaluate the learners’ complete understanding of the topic. We use them as the final test where you give them a grade after but not feedback. Formative assessments, on the other hand, are used after each learning objective to assess how much the learner has understood. Here, we provide feedback to reinforce his learning and help him retain the information for a longer period of time.

Many eLearning courses provide feedback for the formative assessments which only says ‘Yes! That’s right’ or ‘No, that’s incorrect’. But, it is necessary for us to provide appropriate and explanatory feedback for each assessment because feedback also helps the learner develop the capability to self-evaluate their own learning.

The explanatory feedback must go beyond indicating what the correct answer is. It should also consist of information that tells why it is correct. Similarly, for a wrong answer, the feedback should explain why the answer is not correct.

Recently, one of our clients came up with such a requirement. He wanted us to display different feedback for each option. This would have been a challenge if the assessment were not developed in Articulate Storyline.

Yes, Storyline provides us with an option that makes it possible to display different feedback for each option of the question without any customization in the functionality.

Today, in this blog, let us know how this is possible in Articulate Storyline.


Insert a new Multiple choice question.

Click New Slide.

Step 1


In the Insert Slides wizard, select Quizzing from the categories given on the left.

Step 2


Select Multiple Choice from the types of quizzing slides and click Insert.

Step 3


Type in the question and options.

Step 4


Now, set Feedback option as By Choice.

Step 5


After selecting the By Choice option, you can see that the space for giving feedback has been provided opposite to the respective option.

Step 6

Type in the relevant feedback in each space.

Type in the relevant feedback

Click Save & Close.

You can see that a different layer is provided for the feedback of each option.

That’s it! This is how you can provide different feedback for each option of the question in Articulate Storyline without any customization in the functionality.

So, what are you waiting for? Start using this wonderful option in Articulate Storyline and help the learner reinforce his learning better.

Hope you find this tip helpful. Please share your thoughts through your valuable comments.

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