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How to Make Your LMS a Happening Place

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How to Make Your LMS a Happening Place

Do your employees require a constant reminder to log in to the LMS? Recently, I heard a HR manager lament that his pleas to employees to log in to the learning portal at least once a month, were of no use. Employees seldom visit the LMS or check out the courses that are hosted there. What are the probable reasons? There could be many. For example, the courses hosted there might not be really relevant to the employees or employees might find the interface too challenging to navigate.

If you want your employees to use a resource you consider benefits them, you also need to check if they think the same of the resource. If not, that’s where you need to start – educating them of the benefits they get on logging on to the learning portal. Setting up the LMS and populating it with useful resources is the first step. The most important next step would be to have a good campaign to build awareness that drives traffic to the LMS.

There are other things that you can do to make sure your LMS is a happening place. Here is an eBook titled, “6 Tips to Make Your LMS User-Centric” that shares useful tips on how to make your LMS successful in attracting maximum footfall. Download the eBook now!

6 Tips to Make Your LMS User-Centric


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