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How to Edit Audio of your E-learning Courses in Flash CS6: Part 1

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How to Edit Audio of your E-learning Courses in Flash CS6: Part 1

Flash CS6 is a software, which facilitates basic editing  of the audio file in our eLearning course. This can be done using the Edit Sound envelope dialogue box.

Edit sound envelope dialogue box allows you to  edit or trim your audio file and apply some effects to the inserted audio file. By using this feature, developers can easily make some changes to the audio file like removing silence, giving fade in effects and remove disturbance with in the tool.

This feature is very helpful for developers who don’t have access to specialized audio editing software. Sometimes, we face some problems with the audio file, when we find some disturbances and scratch sounds  after publishing.

To resolve such issues, we can take the help of Edit Sound envelope dialogue box.

To edit sound, select the key frame which has the audio file and follow the below steps:

  1. Select the keyframe of the audio file

Go to the layer and select the keyframe, where the audio file is placed in the timeline.


  1. Edit audio file in Edit sound envelope dialogue box

After selecting the keyframe, go to the properties panel where you can see all the sound properties.


Click on the Edit sound envelope (pencil icon) to edit audio file.

Pencil icon

You can see Edit Envelope window.

Edit Envelope

  1. Trim and apply effects

Below is the screen shot which explains all the features of the Edit Envelope.

Trim and Apply Effects

 We will see about these fetures in detail, in my next blog.

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