How to Edit Audio of Your E-learning Courses in Flash CS6: Part 2

How to Edit Audio of Your E-learning Courses in Flash CS6: Part 2

How to edit audio of your eLearning courses in Flash CS6: Part 2

In my previous blog we have seen how to open Sound envelope dialogue box and edit sound by selecting the key frame which has audio file. Here, let us see the key features of the edit envelop (screenshot of edit envelop)

1. Effect: Below are the listed effects to edit the audio file. Left channel and Right Channel. We can use headphones to hear the changes we have made to the audio file. If we select the left channel and edit, we can hear the changes through the left headphone.Similarly, if we select right channel and edit, we can hear the changes through the right headphone. But we can notice the changes more clearly only if the audio is in stereo.


Fade Left to Right and Fade Right to Left: By selecting this option we can fade the audio from right to left and left to right. If we select Fade Left to Right option audio is faded out from left to right that means audio volume will reduced at right side.

right to left

left to right

Fade In: By selecting Fade In option we can Fade in audio at the start.

fade in

Fade Out: By selecting Fade Out option we can Fade out audio at the end.

fad out

2. Slider: By moving sliders, we can remove the empty gaps at the start and the end of the audio. If changes are implemented then click ok button.


 3. Zoom In: By selecting Zoom in option we can zoom in the audio frames.

4. Zoom out: By selecting Zoom out option we can zoom out the audio frames.


5. Seconds: By selecting the seconds option, frames will be automatically adjusted to Seconds from Frames.


6. Frames: By selecting the Frames option, Seconds will be automatically adjusted to Frames.


7. Play: Click the Play button to hear the audio.

8. Pause: Click the Pause button to pause to pause the audio.

9. OK: Click the OK button if changes are implemented.

10. Cancel: Click the cancel button to avoid the changes.

We can see one more option in the window of the time line nodes. By clicking on the time line, we can add the extra nodes.


Click on the time line we can see the nodes on the timeline. By adjusting these nodes in the file we can avoid some unwanted sounds in the selected frames, which are heard after publishing the file but cannot be heard when the file is played prior to publishing.

click Ok

After implementing these changes, click the ok button and view the slide by pressing Ctrl+Enter or enter in the slide to check the implemented changes.

Hope this blog on audio editing in Adobe Flash CS6 has helped you. Practice the tool and let us know your view.

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