Articulate Storyline: Adding a Custom Dictionary

Articulate Storyline: Adding a Custom Dictionary

E-learning professionals usually write/modify the content in online courses during the development process. While typing, there is a chance of typo errors. Articulate Storyline has a built-in dictionary and highlights the wrongly spelled word by a red underline, and we can correct the word by right clicking it and selecting the appropriate word from the list of words suggested by Storyline.


What if we have to use words not available in the default dictionary i.e. words of other languages or technical words?

Well, we have a useful default feature in Storyline which enables us to create a new dictionary,so that we can add our own words.

Do you know how to add a dictionary to Storyline? Here are the steps.

Step 1: Create your list of words in a Notepad and save the file with .dic extension.


Step 2: Click the File menu and selectStoryline Options.


Step 3: Select Spelling Options under Spelling section.


Step 4: Select the Custom Dictionaries option. This opens theĀ Custom Dictionaries window.


Step 5: Click the Add button to add a new dictionary to the existing list.


Step 6: From the window opened, browse your .dic file, select it, and then, click the Open button.


Now, you can see that the new dictionary is added to the list.


These are the steps to add a custom dictionary to Articulate Storyline.

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