How LMS Helps The Training Managers?

How LMS Helps The Training Managers?

As a training manager, you need to track learner s’ details, courses assigned to each of them, score sheet, grade reports, issue of certificates, details of registration and limiting access to courses, etc. This looks quite simple when there are 2-3 users but imagine the effort you have to put in to track all this information pertaining to hundreds of learners. The best way to keep this work simple is to maintain a Learning Management System (LMS).

A training manager can

  • Add a new user
  • Assign him courses
  • Track his course status
  • Generate reports
  • Add new course or category
  • Download all course reports, etc.

Administrators have all the permissions needed and can perform all tasks related to LMS. They have to provide permissions, so that training manager can do the above mentioned activities.

Maintaining a LMS is useful for the trainer to train thousands of users with a single click. LMS also helps know the number of users and track all user records.

LMS is primarily used to upload courses, assign them to specific users or all users. The course can be a file, a SCORM file, a MS-Word document, etc. Apart from this, an LMS helps the manager to track the current status of any user. He can assign a course to many users at a time using the provision in the LMS to assign courses to bulk users. The LMS also helps managers to download user reports in .CSV and excel formats and print them. Managers can also schedule a classroom training session, where he can register limited number of users. Online courses, which are uploaded, can be made available for a limited time or forever. Managers can also create online courses with ‘locking activities’ to restrict the user from accessing further topics unless he completes the current topic. We can also have a paid course uploaded on the LMS, which is linked to a payment gateway, and the course will be available to the user after the payment is processed.

Because of these useful, advanced features of LMSs, which simplify the work of training managers, many companies are opting for these systems. LMSs not only help manage courses, but also help secure data as only authorized person can access it. Hope you find this blog useful. Do share your views.

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