Why Healthcare Industry is Moving to iPads?

Why Healthcare Industry is Moving to iPads?

Why Healthcare Industry is Moving to iPads?

In this fast paced business environment, sales reps need anytime, anywhere access to information. The healthcare industry, which really felt this need, has achieved this kind of access through tablet deployment. Wall Street Journal article stated that Abbott Laboratories, Medtronic Inc and Boston Scientific Corp have successfully leveraged iPads for delivering on-demand information to their sales reps. The article also said medical device giant Medtronic purchased 4,500 iPads for its sales and marketing teams and could buy as many as 6,000 iPads.

So, if the above stats infer that thousands of iPads are being distributed to sales reps healthcare industry, so what makes an iPad a tool of choice to deliver information?

Physicians keen on digital delivery

In a research done by The Harrison Group in March 2011, 8 out of 10 physicians preferred information delivered via Smartphone, tablet or iPad. Physicians generally do not have enough time to meet with sales reps, so with iPads sales reps can quickly display their presentations before doctors lose interest. The selling point for iPad is that they are lighter to carry and quicker to access product information, videos, animations, presentation and many more.

Information on demand

Sales representatives spend much time traveling; so they can access the iPads conveniently en route, or while waiting for a physician. When they are scheduled to meet a physician, mobile devices act as a source for just-in-time learning. The sales person can have a quick look at what information is required to deal with the prospect, just before meeting him. Byte-sized information can also be internalized during breaks such as during short tea breaks, lunch breaks or in their spare time. It’s ideal for use in quick tutorials or for learning the basics of a new subject.

Sales apps

A native app that automatically pushes new content to sales reps that includes presentations, PDFs, audio and video. With mobile Learning applications, it’s now easy to access and retrieve information, ranging from just-in-time product details to sales staff channels partners, e-books, presentations etc.

Saves money

According to Ragan’s Healthcare Communication News, Pharmaceutical companies which spend huge money on print training materials, will save money by developing technology based training material. Pfizer is expected to save of $500,000 on printed training materials.

iPads is synonymous with performance support

Today’s Learners no more want lengthy and boring training material on their phones; they clamor for, just in time learning nuggets, which works as performance support. These just in time learning nuggets aide memory for information, which has already been covered in classroom or eLearning. Hence learners can have quick refresher when the need arises.

For these reasons, iPad quickly found its way into the healthcare sector. iPad is not a replacement, or an alternative to your training delivery method, but a supplementary component to enhance your training effectiveness.

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