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Types of LMS Reports You Can Generate Using Moodle

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Types of LMS Reports You Can Generate Using Moodle

One of the important features of a Learning Management System is the report builder. Any typical online learning platform stores every minute detail of all training in its database. To get the required report for evaluating training, you need to generate the report using the LMS report builder.

If you are using Moodle LMS, let us see the list of the types of reports you can generate using it.

  1. Activity Report
  2. Course Overview Report
  3. Grades Report
  4. Logs Report
  5. Participation Report
  6. User-wise Course Completion Report
  7. User Outline Report
  8. Course access time log report
  9. Course Evaluation Report
  10. Quiz/Assessment report

Let’s see them in detail.

1. Activity Report:

Each course has some activities such as virtual session, custom learning and assessments; this report gives us the attendance details of the learners taken the custom online course for each session.

LMS activity report

2. Course Overview Report

This report gives the information on the number of views of each course on the LMS

LMS course overview report

3. Grades report:

It gives the information on the grade achieved by the users in a particular course.

LMS grades report

4. Logs Report

This report gives details on when and which courses a user had accessed in an LMS and how much time he or she has spent on it.

Log report

5. Participation Report

This type of report gives information on the learners who have participated in virtual classroom sessions or webinars.

LMS learner participation report

6. User-wise Course Completion Report

It gives information on each user about the courses he or she has completed and the courses that are yet to be completed.

Course completion report

7. User Outline Report

It gives information of a particular user on the number of courses he or she has completed and the user’s score in each course.

User outline report

8. Course Access Time Log Report

It gives information about the time and date a user has accessed a course.

Access report LMS

9. Course Evaluation Report

It gives the overall report on the feedback from learners about a particular course or module.

Course evaluation report

10. Quiz/Assessment Report:

It gives information on the learner’s performance in assessments.

LMS assessments report

These are the various types of reports that can be generated through Moodle. Have anything to say! Please do share.

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