Rapid eLearning: Gamify Your Assessments with Articulate Storyline

Rapid eLearning: Gamify Your Assessments with Articulate Storyline

Rapid eLearning: Gamify Your Assessments with Articulate Storyline

Assessments in eLearning are not only used to assess learners but also used to reinforce learning. They may be in the form of multiple choice questions, true or false questions, match the following, etc. When these questions are gamified they can be more effective.

Consider the following set of questions a learner needs to answer.

Q1. Who is the president of the United States of America?

Q2. Where is the statue of liberty located?

Q3. What are the three main elements of a successful business?

Q4. List any two words that do not contain letters ABC?

Now let us see how these questions can be presented in an eLearning course using a Chinese game.

Interactive eLearning assessments

You can see in the above picture there are 8 tabs hiding an image. Learners initially, will be asked to clear the tabs to reveal the image. On clicking each tab, a question comes on to the screen. This question can be of any type through which you want to test your learner that is, multiple choice, true or false or any other type.

If the learner answers it correctly, the tab disappears, revealing a part of the image. When the learner answers all the questions, the whole image gets unveiled.

Developing this sort of interactive assessment is not only possible with Flash but also with other rapid authoring tools such as Articulate Storyline.

You can see below the screenshots of a similar interactivity that we have created for one of our clients.

Articulate Storyline assessments

Objects covering an image that needs to revealed by the learner

eLearning assessments

On clicking the first object a question appears on screen.

Interactive assessments

When the learner selects the right option, the object gets erased revealing a part of the image.

Gamified assessments

When learners answer all the questions, the whole image is revealed.

eLearning gamification

Articulate Storyline has given a different touch to rapid eLearning by allowing developers to easily develop complex interactivities as shown above. It made developing interactions look quite simple by allowing eLearning developers to include interactivity without scripting code. With features like triggers, slide layers, states and variables developers can build a complex set of interactions. Please do share your thoughts!

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