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Gamified Learning Platform: How an LMS Can Make Learning Competitive!

Training your employees is all about developing their knowledge and skills, empowering them to perform better in their jobs.The better they perform, the greater the value they add to the company. Training is thus a very integral part of any organization.

Just as training is an integral part of an organization, Learning Management Systems have become an integral part of eLearning. A Learning Management System (LMS) is a software application that automates the administration, tracking, and reporting of all training activities. But LMSs are not just about delivering and tracking courses. They also provide various gamification elements that help in developing a sense of competitiveness among employees.

How to Create a Competitive Environment in an LMS?

1. Points

Remember Candy Crush? You earned 60 points for a Match-3 and 120 for a stripe. In the same way, in eLearning, learners can earn points as they progress through a course in various ways.

An LMS can be used to configure occasions in which points can be awarded. For example, maybe 20 points can be awarded when an employee completes a certain course and 25 points when he/she gets an up vote on a comment written in the discussion board.

How does an LMS facilitate collaborative learning?

This will definitely encourage your employees to complete more units at a faster pace or even take part in discussions actively.


Did you know that people have reached up to level 3000 in Candy Crush? Why do you think an individual would play a game so much? The first level of this game is very easy but as the player keeps progressing, the levels get more and more challenging. These levels define the proficiency of a player. The higher the level they are in, the more proficient they are in the game. And who does not want to be an expert?

An LMS also provides you the option to incorporate levels in your eLearning courses. For example, the simpler modules can be the first level and modules that are challenging can be level 2. And to unlock these levels, your employees will have to attain particular criteria. Maybe join five discussions in level 1 to unlock level 2. Or achieve a certain score in the assessment of level 1 course to unlock level 2.

Wondering how this will make your employees competitive? The level your employees are in and how far they would have to go to unlock the next will be shown right on your employees’ dashboards. Thus, they will be motivated to unlock levels to progress further in the course.


Do you think Candy Crush would be half as addictive if there were no badges? Absolutely not! In the game, badges are given as you clear certain levels, as a symbol of achievement.

Similarly, badges can be awarded to your employees when they reach a milestone. Just like awarding the learner 20 points when they finish a task, they can be rewarded with a badge if they complete an online curriculum. Or maybe when they pass 5 tests in the course!

Wouldn’t that be amazing? Learners with the most badges will stay on the top in the leaderboards. This will build up the competitive level of learners as they would want to achieve more badges.


Leaderboards make games extremely competitive! They let you see the names and scores of leading competitors. How many times did you keep checking the leaderboard to know your position as you play Candy Crush? I am sure every now and then! Thus, leaderboards drive you to keep playing and in fact, play better and better each time with the motive to beat all other competitors and reach the top position.

Leaderboards can be a fun way to drive engagement in your employees too! Leaderboards will be seen on the dashboards of your employees’ LMS, indicating their position. As your employees score more points, their names will inch closer to the top spot. After all who does not want to see their name at the top?

LMS Leaderboard


No matter how old we are, all of us love receiving rewards, right? In Candy Crush, you receive a golden crown if you finish a level without retrying. So, you try your best to complete a level without failing in it, only and only to receive the golden crown.

How wonderful would it be if such rewards could be given to your employees too that will motivate them to learn more! Well, an LMS will give you just what you need! Most LMSs let you decide flexibly on what you want to reward and how. For example, if your learners score 5000 points, they could win a $20 Amazon gift card. Learners will become even more competitive to finish more units or pass in assessments to earn these rewards.

Benefits of Fostering a Competitive Spirit

Make learning fun: Don’t you think including points and rewards will make learning more fun? You bet! Just like you have fun scoring points and earning rewards while you play games, they will definitely make learning fun too!

Instill enthusiasm: The rush of enthusiasm you feel as you go about clearing the various levels in a game is unmatched! Imagine your employees going through the same rush as they clear the levels in the course you deliver! Need I say more?

Provide motivation: Be it points, rewards, levels, badges, or leaderboards – all these will motivate your learner perform better. As they score more, they would want to score even more and thus learn more. As they get a specific reward, they will learn more to get rewarded once again. So, they will remain motivated throughout the course.

Recognize efforts: Everybody loves to be recognized! As your employee progresses through the course and scores points, the higher his/her chances of snatching the top spot on the leaderboard. And as your employee performs better he/she will be recognized by other employees, thus instilling a sense of pride and achievement, which will make them perform even better!

Level up engagement: Remember those times you were so hooked to playing Pac Man? The sense of achievement you feel as you score points or earn rewards does not let you take your eyes off that screen! What better way to increase your employees’ engagement in learning than making the learning environment competitive.

Look at all the benefits healthy competition can offer! Don’t you think all these features of an LMS lead to a competitive environment? It is time you choose an LMS that offers these gamification elements and make the overall learning experience better for your learners!

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