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The Unique Benefits and Limitations of Flash

The Unique Benefits and Limitations of Flash

Flash is the most popular development tool with powerful capability.

Let’s look at some advantages:

  • Supports audio, animation, and advanced interactivity
  • Is highly customizable
  • Can be used to customize skins/course templates in Articulate
  • Has a large developer community, providing great support for developers. There are many pre-built Flash files that can be downloaded for free or low cost

And now the limitations:

  • Time-consuming (not ideal for Rapid Development)
  • No pre-built templates
  • Need specific skill set in programming (Action Script, an Object-oriented language)

Let’s look at the ideal use scenarios for Flash. It is the ideal tool for

  • Highly custom and complex animations
  • Time is available
  • Customized assessments and customized look and feel
  • Ideal for all kinds of trainings, including product and process trainings, soft-skill trainings and even software simulations

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