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5 Ideas To Promote eLearning in Your Organization – An Infographic

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Spending huge amounts of money for developing and hosting eLearning courses but your employees may not seem to be as enthusiastic about them as you might expect them to be. With competing demands on their time, employees require compelling reasons to visit the learning portal or LMS and take the recommended courses.

E-learning courses are just like any other product on a supermarket shelf-space. How does a potential buyer go to look for that product? Potential buyers need to first know about the product, then they need to be convinced that the product is good for them; only then will they be motivated to go and purchase it.

The same is true for eLearning courses. You need to have “Employee motivation & acceptance” as a necessary part of your eLearning strategy. Here are 5 “ideas” that help promote and market eLearning courses within the organization.

5 Ideas To Promote eLearning in Your Organization – An Infographic

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  • I totally agree with you that employees should be motivated to enroll for online courses. Recognition and other rewards such as promotion and salary increments work best.