Articulate Studio ’13 – Is It Worth Upgrading?

Articulate Studio ’13 – Is It Worth Upgrading?

Articulate Studio '13- Is It Worth Upgrading?

Articulate Studio ’13 is making a buzz in the eLearning industry; it is a point of talk in blogs, discussions and webinars. It has impressed our production team and I thought I should share the top features of this tool.

Articulate Studio ’13 is a package integrated with powerful tools, Engage, Presenter, Quizmaker and replay. You will have all the features required to rapidly develop eLearning courses from PowerPoint with interactivities, quizzes and assessments.

Flexible interface

It has such intuitive GUI that any user can easily get started right away. Articulate Studio ’13 now has a unified player. This means that Users can easily navigate from Presenter to Quizmaker to Engage. This will ensure a smooth and consistent work pattern for the user.

One-stop shop for various characters

Studio ’13 is integrated with same illustrated character pack and photographic character pack which you find in Arituclate Storyline. The icing on the cake is that you can make more than 47,500 combinations of characters, expressions and poses for your courses.

Translation made easy

With Articulate Presenter ’13 you can now localize your course in to 17 languages. Languages like Arabic and Hebrew require right to left alignment. This tool now offers support to right to left languages.

Flash and HTML5

Studio ’13 enables publishing options to both HTML5 and Flash. With Studio ’13 it’s pretty easy and remarkable in conveting a PowerPoint to a HTML5 based course with characters, drag and drops and assessments. iPad users can consume the course through a native app called Articulate Mobile Player.

Interactive quizzes

With Studio ’13, you can now develop complicated interactions in Quizmaker. You can rapidly develop 25 questions with the simplified form-based editor. You can easily include drag and drops, hotspots, branching assessments in your course. You have default feedback layers which you can customize to your requirement.

In addition to the features mentioned earlier, there are so many other features in Articulate Studio ’13 that will give you an awesome feel when you have completed work with this tool. You can view the full list of Articulate Storyline features on the Articulate website.

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