Exclusive LMS for Sales Training

Exclusive LMS for Sales Training

Sales people operate under tough conditions-chasing deadlines and time is usually a scare commodity for them. It is therefore, difficult to customize sales training that accommodates their working schedules and timelines.The difficulty is only compounded when you are a large organization, with geographically dispersed sales force. Given the scenario, a single platform to manage and monitor all the training needs, assign training programs and follow up on their completion, would be ideal.

Your organization may have already invested in a proprietary learning management system that is managed centrally. If you are a sales head, you may have experienced that this entails coordination with either the L&D department, or the IT department, which could result in miscommunication, or loss of precious time.

With more affordable and feasible options in the form of open source learning management systems (LMS), you could manage all your training needs within the sales & marketing department, without having to depend on corporate LMS. Thus, even if your organization has a proprietary LMS, you could still have a separate LMS exclusively for the sales department.

As a result, you could assign courses to sales people, monitor and track their completion, without having to move away from the sales department. You could also integrate virtual events such as webinars or mobile learning, for providing a more comprehensive solution. Additional features of incorporating blogs, wikis, and discussion boards make the platform more dynamic, lively and engaging. This naturally would be appealing and useful to sales people, who spend considerable time away in the field.

We have been using the open source LMS Moodle for some time now. Our experience shows that different forms of training, virtual classroom training, classroom training, webinars, e-learning or mobile learning, can be successfully integrated under one single platform. It can be customized to suit  individual needs of the organization and therefore, provides an array of options. Since the LMS is open source, there is no initial investment on the software; and all that you incur in terms of expenses is for customization and maintenance.