Converting PDFs to EPUB – 3 common Errors

Converting PDFs to EPUB – 3 common Errors

Converting PDFs to EPUB - 3 common Errors

In my last blog we have seen that converting PDFs, which are designed in InDesign, to the E-pub format, can make them accessible on iPads. But,while converting we might encounter some common errors; we will see what they are and tips to overcome them.

1. More than one indd file is opened

While working with more than one InDesign files to create an Epub, we get an error message that says “More than one file is open” because CircularFLO takes the open file as input for converting. When more than one file is opened in circular FLO. cannot decide which one to take to it through an error message to close the remaining InDesign files.

More than one indd file is opened

2. Links not found

While opening an InDesign file it will display an alert message: “some links not found”. As InDesign consists of different images and videos (in compressed format which we need to link to actual image). Some important tips need to be followed while you link the exact file and ensure that the folder for images and videos is located in the same folder where the InDesign file is located. This helps to link images automatically; else, we need to do it manually.

The reason for linking is quite simple – when we are viewing any Epub file in an IPAD and when we try to enlarge an image, it gets blurred; so to avoid this blurring effect we need to link to the actual image. The same is the case with videos – if we need to play a video, we need to link it.

Links not found

3. Font missing

This error normally appears when your InDesign file contains the fonts that are not present by default in your MAC system files. A simple way to resolve this is to request your client to provide you with the missing fonts or you can also download the font (if available on net). After obtaining the fonts files, you need to copy them in a few paths like

Application/Adobe InDesign/Fonts

Make sure you copy the font files in all the above-mentioned locations; quit InDesign and reopen it again; hope you will not see any errors now.

If you have encountered any other kinds of errors, we would love to hear from you as to how you solved them.

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