VideoScribe in E-learning – An Effective Way to Engage Learners

VideoScribe in E-learning – An Effective Way to Engage Learners

Do you want to make your eLearning courses engaging? Here is a tool that help you create captivating learning experience, VideoScribe is a software, using which we can create our own style of whiteboard animations without having knowledge of technical aspects. As pictures and drawings speak more than the words, VideoScribe can be used in eLearning to capture the attention of learners.

VideoScribe is the perfect tool to create engaging content for your learners. Using this software in eLearning facilitates great learning experiences by making the message stick in the learner’s mind.It really changes the pace of learning, as we use few words on the screen and use illustrations extensively to explain a particular concept.

Here is a sample video to see how VideoScribe actually look like:

Here are a few benefits of using VideoScribe in eLearning. 

Guides and engages learners

Video scribing is a unique way of presenting information, which is entertaining and also educates the learner.These animations contain very few words and use illustrations or vector images extensively.We can even embed music in the background, and this enables the learners to concentrate more on the on-screen content and subtitles. 

Explains complex concepts better

As VideoScribe allows us to present different styles of animations, we can present information in a highly captivating manner. Suppose, if you want to deliver a complex message to a group of target audience, white board animations are ideal to engage the learners and also convey the message better.

Explains complex concepts better

 Connects the audience emotionally

As we will be explaining a process or concept, by creating illustrations, comprehensively, the understanding will be very effective. This lets the learner to connect emotionally, with the content being showcased. 

On the flip side, it is not easy to translate courses developed using this tool. To translate a VideoScribe course, we should convert the on-screen text into an image format. It takes a lot of efforts to develop a VideoScribe. It takes twice the time to translate a VideoScribe course, when compared to other online course translations, as it includes thousands of image frames.

To have something unique , visually appealing, and engaging, use VideoScribe in your eLearning courses. Please do share your opinions and experiences on the usage of VideoScribe in eLearning courses.

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