New Employee Orientation Using Articulate Storyline – Make an Impact in the First 5 minutes

New Employee Orientation Using Articulate Storyline – Make an Impact in the First 5 minutes

Employee orientation programs ought to be less about the company and more about the employee, according to new research by Daniel M. Cable, Francesca Gino, and Bradley R. Staats. According to the report, if the first few minutes of new employee orientation is done right, it can lead to more productive workers and ultimately, increased customer service.

What is the Objective of New Employee Orientation?

  • The main objective of any new employee orientation program should be to welcome the new hire and make him feel important and special.
  • It should give an overview of the company business and link it to his role and responsibility.
  • It should also show the new hire, the career enhancement opportunities for him to grow to.
  • It should cover the rules and regulations and information about key personnel that he can contact in case of need.
  • By the end of the program, he should feel part of the group.

What should New Employee Orientation cover?

These are the 6 areas that we need to inform the new hires about.

1. Message from the CEO: New Hires will instantly feel connected and welcomed.

2. What is our Business? Covers information about the products and services, company’s differentiators and market share.

3. How we are organized? Organizational structure will give an orientation of what the company is and where he fits in.

4. How is the Workplace Culture? Explaining the key elements of culture and providing testimonials of senior employees.

5. Career Enhancement Opportunities? Covering key training programs and initiatives to help him grow in the organization.

6. What is Your Responsibility? Finally talk about new hire’s responsibility – key policies to follow and adhere. Key people to approach when needed.

How can we use this knowledge to get employee attention in the first few minutes?

As you know every employee is unique and different. They have different ways to get inspired and motivated. Some may get inspired by the CEO video, some with the scale of operation and others with career growth path. Freedom to select what they wish to learn, can be a good strategy to motivate the adult learners. Here is a new grid template from Articulate Storyline that can help us get quick employee attention. This template gives the employees the option to explore and learn – in the order that appeals to them.

Here is a sample using Articulate Storyline. We use this to showcase our services; you can use it for new employee orientation home screen.

Download the free template here.

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