Random Questions in E-learning with Articulate Storyline

Random Questions in E-learning with Articulate Storyline

Random Questions in eLearning with Articulate Storyline

Do you want your learners to keep repeating the same question pages until they achieve a pass mark? No, right? How about creating a random quiz that ensures each learner will receive a unique set of questions? This goes a long way in keeping the quiz “fresh” and helps break humdrum.

So, having random questions in eLearning is a definite advantage. Isn’t it? We worked on a similar requirement with Articulate Storyline. Let’s see more about the challenges we faced in developing a random quiz section.

We had a question pool of 50 questions and wanted the learners to take the quiz that will randomly select 10 of the 50 questions and then display the results. And when the leaners retry the quiz, a different set of questions must appear from the same question pool. However, we had a problem here; the random selection of questions worked only for the first time when a learner takes a quiz. We could not figure out how to set the quiz to redraw new questions randomly from the same pool when the learner attempted it multiple times. The questions were exactly in the same order every time we selected the “retry” button.


For a random draw of questions, we used the “standard Retry quiz” function and we set all the quiz questions to ‘Reset to initial state”.

We identified that the issue was with the trigger order on the results slide. We noticed that the “Reset Results” trigger was positioned under the “Jump to” trigger for the “Try Again” button.

We changed this so that the reset happens before the jump and the questions aren’t exactly the same or in the same order anymore. This did the trick for us and it was a simple thing!

This is how you can add random quiz questions to your eLearning course with Articulate Storyline. What is your opinion about adding random quiz questions in eLearning and have you ever tried it in your eLearning courses?

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