How to Select an E-learning Outsourcing Vendor?

How to Select an E-learning Outsourcing Vendor?

According to Global Industry Analysts “Global Learning Services Outsourcing Market is expected to reach up to $6.0 billion by 2015”. In general, organizations are outsourcing their eLearning development instead of in-house development, because of many reasons and benefits. One of the reasons might be the lack of resources and the most important and foremost benefit is that by outsourcing, the cost is less when compared to in-house development.

In fact, most of the Fortune companies intend to outsource their eLearning requirements to India, because an online course development project may cost 20-40% less in India compared to other nations (source: Bersin by Deloitte).

Understanding this scenario, the number of eLearning startup companies is increasing in India; so it is difficult for organizations to choose the right eLearning vendor.

To help organizations choose a right eLearning outsourcing vendor easily, we have created a checklist in the form of a presentation calledTips for Selecting an E-learning Outsourcing Vendor”.

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