E-learning on Talent Management Tool to Achieve a Sustainable Competitive Advantage

E-learning on Talent Management Tool to Achieve a Sustainable Competitive Advantage

E-learning on Talent Management Tool to Achieve a Sustainable Competitive Advantage

Talent management is the continuous process of analyzing, developing and effectively utilizing talent to meet an organization’s needs; for this, every talent should be trained on the what and why of Talent management and when and how Talent management is used. This can be done through classroom trainings but to make it more interesting; eLearning can be the best solution.

One of our clients, who is an IT organization, believed that a well-designed and managed, talent management will highly improve business effectiveness, and this will lead to the organization’s success. This kind of talent management is a basic business strategy that cannot be ignored and therefore they wanted to provide a targeted and effective training, which is essential for the growth and retention of talent through instruction-led training. To make the training more effective and emphatic, they decided to develop an eLearning course with the ILT material that they used in their training process.

Below are the main requirements and the challenges we had to develop the course.

  1. Transforming ILTs to eLearning
  2. Cost-effective and time consuming
  1. Depicting heavy content appropriately
  1. Developed an engaging and interesting course
  2. Included self-explanatory text and images
  3. Used simulations to explain how to use the tool

The important aspect of this course was to convert the ILT materials into an enhanced eLearning course. To make this possible, we developed the course with a combination of self-explanatory text, high-level interactivities and animations, which are highly supported by flash. Using flash we can also add audio, video, rich visuals, simulations and much more into the course.

We have used relevant images and proper audio wherever required. Heavy content was analyzed and a detailed content outline was created to remove the unnecessary information to develop a refined course.

Simulations, slideshows, tabs, sliders, definition boxes and many components were used to make the course more interesting and gain the attention of the learners. The Watch, Try and Do simulations helped the learners understand on how to use the tool with step-by-step explanation. With all these instructional and visual strategies included in the course, it made the learners have a very good learning experience. The features of flash supported the use of different interactivities and made it a learning course of worth.

Here are some of the screenshots from the course we have developed,


Every possible and useful way was used to make this course engaging and interesting. The client felt happy that adopting eLearning to develop the course on Talent Management tool was the right option to enhance their training.

Do you train your employees on Talent Management through eLearning? I would love to hear what kind of strategies you use to develop the course.

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