E-learning on Tablets: The Dawn of a New Era in Learning [Video]

E-learning on Tablets: The Dawn of a New Era in Learning [Video]

E-learning on tablets: The Dawn of a New Era in Learning [Video]

Does your organization use the Tablet as a learning support device? If not, what is the other option available to you? In an era of growing mobile and tech savvy workforces, everyone prefers quick knowledge sharing – this makes the use of tablets inevitable. They indeed herald the advent of the next generation of eLearning.

Statistics reveal that “The tablet market is showing exponential growth with tablet sales touted to overtake that of notebook PCs with an estimated volume of 240 million units sold worldwide by 2015.”

The Tablet facilitates highly effective responsive multi-device learning. It works seamlessly with HTML5 and provides compatibility with a wide range of authoring tools such as Lectora, Storyline, Captivate, and Adobe Engage to name a few.

This video will give more information on how Tablets can act as game changers and how they contribute to learning, more precisely in mLearning category.


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