E-learning on Tablets: The Beginning of a New Era in Learning

E-learning on Tablets The Beginning of a New Era in Learning

E-learning on Tablets: The Beginning of a New Era in Learning

Before I start sharing my views on eLearning on Tablets, I want to know your views on Tablets.

Q1: Does your organization use Tablet as a learning device?

  • Already in use
  • May be, but not very sure when
  • Not in use
  • Will use in a year’s time

Q2: For what learning support do you want to use Tablets?

  • Sales support
  • Product and Services Training
  • Internal Training
  • Not very sure

Q3: If you were given a choice, which device would you prefer for your learning development?

  • Laptop
  • Smartphone
  • Tablet
  • CDs

If your organization lies on the other side of not using Tablets for learning purpose, then there are some drivers which will greatly influence to adopt mobile learning in your organization.

  • Growing mobile and next generation of workforce
  • Preferring handheld devices to static or big devices (Desktop)
  • Changing behavior of new and existing clients (they prefer quick presentation and information sharing)

Thus, to meet these growing needs, mobile learning is the next available option. I strongly feel that mobile learning is not just learning but much more than that. Tablets learning do not come under the periphery of mobile or eLearning, but places itself in a position between mLearning and eLearning.



This statistics rightly depicts that Tablet is the fastest emerging device under the mobile device category. Tablets today are not just limited to entertainment purposes like watching video or playing games; they have become a pivotal part of organizational Learning and Design activities across businesses large and small.

The tablet market is showing exponential growth with tablet sales touted to overtake that of notebook PCs with an estimated volume of 240 million units sold worldwide by 2015.

Tablet provides a responsive multi-device learning and with HTML 5 considered the future of mobile web, it can be used seamlessly in Tablets. Tablet is compatible with multiple tools such as Lectora, Storyline, Captivate, and Adobe Engage to name a few.

What is eLearning in Tablets?

It states eLearning that drives or provides the performance support. eLearning in Tablets includes just-in-time learning requirement of the learner or it can also serve as a reference when used in a job context.

Benefits of eLearning in Tablets:

Tablets possess most of the functionality and mobility benefits of smartphones, but also possess greater screen size and processing power to replace laptops in many situations. Thus, the combination of bigger screen size, faster computing power, and greater mobility makes it an ideal choice among the eLearning device category.

Tablet Trivia:

Big Screen, Better Learning!

Smartphones have grown increasingly popular, more so, because of its size; they easily fit into the pockets of users. But when it comes to learning, its small screen size becomes a hurdle. Users may not feel comfortable when using it for extended periods of learning. Thus, a Tablet seems more versatile when long stints of screen time is required. In fact, a 2011 study by The Nielsen Company found that while tablet ownership does not significantly reduce the time users spend on their smartphones, it does lower their usage of laptop and desktop computers, netbooks, and eBook readers.

Dynamic Learning!!

Nowadays most of the Tablets are well equipped with an array of tools and functionalities such as:

  • Cameras
  • GPS technology
  • Touch screens
  • Web browsers
  • Email clients

Learners can take the optimum benefits of these facilities to enhance learning. For, example, the GPS technology augment location-specific learning for the learners.

Better Use of Apps in Tablet

The enhanced processing power of a Tablet enables learners to use the apps present in marketplace for different mobile operating systems, the popular platforms being Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android. Thus, in the mobile learning context, these applications provide greater benefits over browser-based offerings.

Putting it Together :

Putting all these together, it can be rightly observed that, Tablets with its wide variety of functionalities herald a new era of learning.

So, what are you waiting for? Use your Tablets for getting the maximum benefit of Big screen, Dynamic, and Apps-facilitated Learning.

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