Top 5 eLearning Formats on Mobile Devices!

Top 5 eLearning Formats on Mobile Devices!

Top 5 eLearning Formats on Mobile Devices!

There are number of ways organizations can benefit from mobile learning technology. It facilitates new and innovative approaches to employee training, because employees can access the information just in time to perform the required task using mobile devices.

Let’s see some of the best format of delivery methods while considering Mobile Learning.

Format 1 “eBook”: One of the easiest and simplest ways to present learning content on Mobile platform is through eBooks. It is a compilation of text, multimedia content assets which may be graphics, videos, audio or even hyperlinks etc. We can customize the size of an eBook based on which device it’s going to deliver. The eBook can also be delivered in a way that it adjusts itself to match with the size of the smartphone. That’s the beauty of an eBook! We can deliver this eBook in two ways one is ‘Standalone’ meaning that a single eBook can be delivered to a mobile device which can be viewed using eBook reader. The other way can be to publish eBook as a SCORM package which can be uploaded on LMS for tracking learning activities.


Format 2 “Video”: The next well managed delivery method for Mobile learning purposes is through video. It has gained enormous popularity over the past two years may be through YouTube like online video streaming sites. A short video tutorial can be delivered for mobile learning which can be downloaded and viewed whenever and wherever they are! The only constraint we should be careful about while delivering the video is its size. The most mobile devices support MPEG-4 with H.264 format (Baseline profile) for video track and AAC format for audio track. The recommended video file size for mobile streaming should not more than 15 MB.


Format 3 “Documents”: The easiest format for delivering content for Mobile learning is through documents. We can deliver the information in any kind of documents like Word, Excel, PowerPoint and PDF etc. We can use this method for delivering step by step instruction manuals for repair and support teams. These types of formats can be easily delivered on a mobile device and can be viewed without any issues.


Format 4 “Bite size eLearning modules”: The next comes bite sized eLearning modules, which is similar to an eBook however; it has ability to include lot of interactions. We can also include ability to add navigation like play, pause, previous and next for other interaction depending on the user. We can also include online assessments as a part of eLearning module; questions may be presented as Drag and Drop, true or false or Multiple Choice etc.

Bite size eLearning modules

Format 5 “Flashcards”: Flashcards are the best content format for mobile device. It may be not used that much in browser based environment such as PCs, Laptops but on mobile device it makes lot of sense. They are used by students all over the world. It helps to understand and memorize the key concept by going through the flash card. Nowadays there are many free tools available that allow you to create flash cards online. We can use this at end of the course where learners are allowed to download stack of flash cards on their device and play through it. This serves as a great tool to recall, reinforcement, memorization and so on.


I hope you enjoyed reading my blog. We have been doing this type of mobile formats for our customers. Please reach us if you would like to initiate mobile learning in your organization. We will be glad to help you in achieving your business results!

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