5 Tips to Make Your E-learning Multiple Device Compatible

5 Tips to Make Your E-learning Multiple Device Compatible

The Elearning! Magazine Group recently conducted a survey on ““E-learning User Study: Corporate Segment”. One of the training trends observed in the research was the importance given to Mobile Learning. Most of the organizations surveyed, listed Mobile Learning as a priority, which needs to be included as a part of their training strategy, in the next 12 months. In this context, here are 5 tips to keep in mind, when designing eLearning that is compatible to multiple devices.

1. When designing eLearning that are multi-device compatible, you need to ensure that the courses are compatible to all devices such as BlackBerry, iPhone, iPad, Laptop, Tablet PC and of course, regular desktop PCs.

2. Storyboard, for eLearning courses, should be developed such that the content on each page is suitable for all devices.

3. eLearning should be designed in a single-sourced-multiple-delivery format. You need to use device detection code that displays content depending on the device that is used to access the courses.

4. You need to make sure that bookmarking “works” when learners complete part of the course using laptop and complete the remainder using smartphones any other time.

5. When hosting eLearning courses on to the Learning Management System, it should be published as a ‘one single package’ so that it can be easily structured and uploaded on the LMS. This also ensures that course registration and tracking is made easy.

Would you like to make training accessible to your employees at all times? Are you planning to make your eLearning compatible to multiple devices? How do you plan to implement the initiative? Would love to hear about your experiences.