Responsive E-learning: Altering the Landscape of Corporate Training

Responsive E-learning: Altering the Landscape of Corporate Training

What is responsive eLearning? Why is it considered a game-changer in the world of corporate training?

The latest paradigm in the world of web technology, Responsive Web Design (RWD), facilitates the development of websites that are “responsive” to varying screen sizes of different devices – from smartphones to desktop computers and provide an optimal viewing experience.

Responsive eLearning is the application of RWD to eLearning. It facilitates the development of online courses that could be efficiently accessed on multiple gadgets. This development in the world of learning has the potential to change the face of corporate training because:

Learning goes wherever the learner goes

It is no exaggeration to say that mobile devices are the future of eLearning. According to a survey conducted by Morgan Stanley, by 2015, more people would access the Internet through mobile devices than desktop computers.

Responsive eLearning helps bring learning into the palms of the learner by providing seamless access to the online course on their mobile devices. This indeed makes learning mobile, and mobile learning goes wherever the learner goes!

Corporate training is made highly cost-effective

Isn’t developing one online course that could be accessed on all devices cheaper than creating multiple versions for different gadgets?

Corporate training is made highly cost-effective through responsive eLearning because it facilitates the efficient adaption of a single online course to various devices.

Facilitates efficient sequential screening

Responsive eLearning enables sequential screening – a learner could pause the online course on one gadget and resume it on another device exactly at the point where he had stopped. This makes learning highly flexible and user-friendly. Consider the following scenario:

An online course is assigned to a busy employee. He accesses the course on a desktop computer during working hours, but could complete only a part of the eLearning program due to time constraints. He completes the unfinished part at his home by accessing the course on his mobile.

Eliminates the difficulties associated with multiple versions

Wouldn’t companies prefer a learning solution that is easy to track and update?

Responsive eLearning makes life simple for organizations because a single e-course could be used to impart efficient training through multiple devices. This relieves organizations of the headaches associated with the development of different versions for different gadgets and the problems in tracking and updating them.

Thus, we see that responsive eLearning transforms the corporate training landscape. It has truly heralded the beginning of a new era in the world of learning. I hope you find this blog useful. Do share your thoughts with us.

The Why and How of Responsive E-learning