Lectora an Ideal Tool for Your Elearning Course Development

Lectora an Ideal Tool for Your Elearning Course Development

Using Lectora for Your elearning Course Development

Lectora is a user-friendly authoring tool, used to rapidly develop highly engaging eLearning course. The fact that it makes it easy to convert Microsoft PowerPoint presentations into an eLearning course, makes it even more attractive. Apart from that, you can develop HTML based courses quickly and it is ideal for multilingual courses. Lectora enables you to develop simple interactive elements, without the knowledge of Flash.

One of the main benefits of using Lectora is that, it has highly customized templates, interactivities and quizzes. It comes with additional tools, such as image editor, audio and video editor, making you less dependent on external software resources, such as those provided by Adobe. Without any additional programming, you can deliver all formats of elearning, such as SCORM or AICC, which then runs successfully on any LMS.

Lectora has four versions. They are:

  • ‘Lectora Inspire’ is used for developing media-rich eLearning content and for mobile learning development.
  • ‘Lectora Online’ is a web-based application, which helps multiple developers to develop eLearning content.
  • ‘Lectora Publisher’ is the desktop version of Lectora.
  • ‘Lectora Integrator’ converts PowerPoint presentations into eLearning content, very quickly.

Let’s have a quick look at some of the components of Lectora that are used for course development.

  • Table of contents

Lectora has pre-built table of contents, which helps learners to navigate back and forth or, to any specific page. This table of contents is created automatically based on the chapters, topics and pages.

Table of Contents Developed in Lectora

  • Branching pages

This is the important feature, using which learners can directly go to a particular slide or module. You can create your own course map page, by adding buttons and assigning respective actions to them. This helps us to present the ‘Table of contents’ based on our particular layout or, design instead of being limited to the default component.

Branching Pages developed in Lectora

  • Click on tabs

Click on tabs component is available by default in Lectora, and you can develop it very easily by adding actions to each tab, to show or hide the respective tab content. This is useful when you need to present a lot of content, on a single screen. Learners can just view the details with a single click on each tab.

Click on Tabs Developed in Lectora

  • Quiz

Many default features to create a quiz are available in Lectora. You can create and at the same time, modify the features, as per your requirement. You can also create your own customized quiz functionality, marks, layout and summary page, using the default quiz.

Quiz Developed in Lectora

  • Audio transcription

It has default audio transcription, which displays the audio script on the screen for each page. This will be useful to those who cannot use the speakers, or do not have access to a headphone. The script for the embedded audio can be displayed in the page.

Audio Transcription with Lectora

  • Multi languages Supported (Switchable interface)

Switchable interface is nothing but placing multiple languages, in a single interface, using a single GUI. Using this feature, learner can be directed to one language to any other, within a short span of time.

Switchable interface in Lectora

  • All Devices supported (PC, IPAD and Mobile)

Using Lectora you can publish the courses on multiple platforms, such as PC, IPAD and mobile.

Most courseware developers miss out the more powerful capabilities of this tool, just using the pre-built functionalities in it.

Hope this blog helped you start with the custom ways of using various features within Lectora.

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