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When Content is Uploaded to LMS it Becomes eLearning – Is it really true?

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We keep getting many enquiries for creating eLearning courses. Each enquiry educates us about the varied ways in which e-learning is perceived. There is a perception that e-learning is nothing but making content AICC/ SCORM-compliant and uploading it to the LMS. PowerPoint presentations used during instructor-led-trainings are uploaded on to the LMS after embedding audio. However, can this be called eLearning? Not really. Here are the reasons why:

  • Firstly, PPTs are created by subject matter experts to be used as learning tools during classroom training sessions. PPTs cannot function as a stand-alone learning material on their own.
  • Secondly, the audio that is recorded during live classroom sessions undergoes some amount of editing and may not accurately capture the experience of learners in a real classroom setting.
  • Thirdly, interactions with SMEs that are so much part of a classroom environment would be absent when the PPT presentation is uploaded online. In the absence of SMEs, learners would only be passive recipients of information. What might have been an animated and interactive session in a classroom would become a long monolog in the form of audio narration where the viewer tries hard to concentrate with a static slide on the screen.
  • Lastly, a learning management system does not create e-learning courses but is a delivery platform for online courses. Apart from hosting courses, it enables the administration, monitoring and management of online courses across the organization.

Does it mean that you cannot convert classroom-training sessions into eLearning? Of course, you can. PPTs on their own cannot become e-learning courses. However, with the help of learning experts who work closely with SMEs, the content in PPTs can be restructured to better capture the knowledge and expertise of SMEs and design courses that become self-sufficient, instructionally sound, engaging and interactive.


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