Trends in E-learning Design, Supporting Classroom Training – Top 3 Blogs of This Week

Trends in E-learning Design, Supporting Classroom Training – Top 4 Blogs of This Week

CommLab India has taken the initiative to post a large number of blogs, aimed at providing valuable information. The blogs contain information on the topics such as corporate training, compliance training, instructional strategies and learning technology. Nearly 20 blogs are uploaded every week on the website, and these blogs have received tremendous response from the viewers. We have the collection of 4 excellent blogs here.

1. 6 Ways E-learning can Support Classroom Training

There is an ongoing debate between the proponents of classroom training and eLearning. The debate is primarily focused on which of these two could be effective for learning. Both methods have their advantages and disadvantages. We have a blog, which provides insights into how eLearning can be blended effectively with classroom training to deliver better learning.

2. Incorporating Classroom Elements In eLearning

Do you wish to present your learners a good learning experience? Do you wish to keep your learners glued to your eLearning course and take the most out of it? Do you want your learners to understand the concepts and content you present? If the answer to these questions is ‘YES’, then you need to adapt various instructional strategies and elements that can help you build an effective eLearning course. Here is the blog that provides a clear understanding of such elements.

3. 4 Simple Steps to Promote E-learning Projects

We all know how important promoting is for any organization be it a small scale or large scale organization. It is a tool that helps people to know about the products and services that your organization offers. Like any other organization, an eLearning firm and an eLearning project also need to be promoted in order to help your audience know what eLearning is all about. We have a blog for you that provide 4 simple steps to promote eLearning.

Hope you liked our blogs. Would be glad to know which blog you would rate the most.

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