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Right Authoring Tool Template as an Effective Learning Strategy

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Right Authoring Tool Template as an Effective Learning Strategy

What are the criteria that you need to consider while selecting an authoring tool? As a learning and training expert, we know that we align our training strategy based on the subject matter and audience requirements. When technology in the form of authoring tools becomes a part of the training process i.e. when developing eLearning courses, we have to ensure that it is in sync with the overall strategy we have envisioned for the training program. How do we do it?

Join Dr. Ayesha Habeeb Omer, COO, CommLab India, in a free webinar on, “Align Authoring Tool Templates for Effective Learning Strategies”.

Dr. Ayesha will share with you the importance of selecting an authoring tool based on the content type. Apart from refreshing the knowledge on various content types, you will get a succinct picture of how to align the authoring tools templates with the right content.

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