Minutes of Meeting – An Effective Tools in E-learning Development

Minutes of Meeting - An Effective Tools in E-learning Development

You need meetings to discuss and finalize several decisions during eLearning development. If you want to be more effective during meetings, you need to have clear communication with the team involved in the project. Meetings need to be effective without wasting time so that we make good decisions to succeed in the eLearning development. So, there are some things we need to do before the meeting.

It is very important to send an Invitation before the meeting and it should include the following:

  • When is the meeting?
  • Where is the meeting?
  • The Topic and Agenda of the meeting.
  • The Results expected from the meeting.

Once the meeting is completed, minutes of the meeting should be sent to all the team members who were involved in the meeting. Through this blog, I would like to emphasize the need for this process particularly in the context of eLearning development.

Importance: Minutes of Meeting is very important tool for communicating and sharing the outcomes of meetings related. Generally when we have a new eLearning project, we have a meeting with the client to understand their requirements. During the meeting, we spend considerable time in discussions and taking mutually agreeable decisions. These need to be documented immediately so that all key points are recorded and can be referred to during the project execution.

Failure to do so might result in rework as there may be misunderstandings with respect to project expectations among stakeholders. What is at a high priority to the client may not be so to the developer and vice versa. If new timelines are not recorded, the project timelines can be affected. Also, sending the Minutes of the Meeting to the client immediately after the meeting gives the client opportunity to add points that were skipped or overlooked during the meeting.

So if we write Minutes of Meeting and send to the team/ client, they can read and if anything is missed and give their response immediately instead of highlighting it much later in the developmental stage.

Reinforce actions: When we write Minutes of Meeting and send to the team/client, it reinforces the actions that have to be taken. It plays key role in connecting the team together and avoids misunderstanding and miscommunication between the team and client. The minutes are a very good reference for those who could not attend the meeting. They can be kept as a permanent record for future reference.

The minutes of the meeting help team members and stakeholders to be on the same track to get the desired results.

Now, let’s see some Dos and Don’ts for writing the Minutes of Meeting.



  • Include the heading/ topic of Minutes of Meeting while writing.
  • It is very important that we write the Minutes of Meeting within 24 hours so that all the attendees are reminded of the action items discussed in meeting.
  • Write the next steps and next meeting time and date (if you want another meeting)
  • Use one standard format for writing Minutes of Meeting.
  • Proofread carefully before sending the minutes.


  • Do not miss any attendees when you are writing Minutes of Meeting.
  • Do not miss any point that has been discussed during the meeting.
  • Do not write big paragraphs; break it into small points and keep it simple.

Hope you agree with me on the importance of the Minutes of Meeting and that these points will help you in writing your minutes of meeting.

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