Working with Dynamic Text in Lectora

Working with Dynamic Text in Lectora

Working with Dynamic Text in Lectora

You all know that some of your eLearning courses need to be updated frequently. If your courses are developed using rapid authoring tools, you need to use the tool for any changes. But if your eLearning course is developed using Lectora, you may not require the tool to update the course if needed. Let us see how.

Lectora has a feature where you can designate certain text boxes as dynamic text. Dynamic text is a text that can be edited in the course without the software.

In this blog post, I would like to share how to use Dynamic Text in Lectora to update your course text easily even after publishing the course.

Here are a few simple steps for setting up a text box to use dynamic text.

  1. Go to the “Title Options” in Lectora, select the “Enable Dynamic Text Option” check box and then click the “OK” button as in the image below. Remember, by default, dynamic text is not allowed in the title until you enable it.

Enable Dynamic Text Option” for the entire Lectora title

  1. Now that the feature has been turned on for the whole course, you need to designate the text box that needs to be dynamic or updated overtime. To do this, double click on text box; check the “Dynamic text” option under the “Properties” tab.

Change a Normal text box to Dynamic Text

  1. Publish your course to HTML. Now an xml file, that is, “dyntitle” is generated along with other files as shown in the image below.

Publish a Lectora title to HTML to find dyntitle.xml file

  1. Now you need to open the “dyntitle” xml file using text editor like WordPad or Notepad.

Open “dyntitle”.xml file with Notepad

Make changes the changes and save dyntitle.xml file

  1. Change course content, then go to File and Save the file. Once you save the file, the updated course content appears in your published course. See the images below.

Course text before changing “dyntitle”.xml file

Course text after changing “dyntitle”xml file

These steps help you to update the course by using the “Dynamic Text” feature in Lectora.

I hope you find my blog useful and interesting; please do share your comments, if any.

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