How to Generate Random Questions in a Drag and Drop using Articulate Storyline?

How to Generate Random Questions in a Drag and Drop using Articulate Storyline?

How to Generate Random Questions in a Drag and Drop using Articulate Storyline?

Articulate Storyline is one of the most flexible authoring tools to  develop interactions such as drag and drop, multiple choice questions. The  biggest advantage is that  we can customize these interactions to meet  the varied customer requirements.

Here I would like to share one of  our client requirements which made me explore this feature in great detail. The requirement was that from the lot of drag items, only one item must be generated at a time and the corresponding feedback should be displayed after dropping it onto the drop targets. Let’s see the steps to do this.

  1. Place the questions in  the location where you wish them to be dispalyed
  2. Convert the slide to a freeform and set the corresponding drop targets

Drag and Drop View

  1. Click on ‘edit drag and drop’ and check/uncheck the “drag item options”
  2. Set return drag item to start point if dropped outside option to “a correct drop target”

Correct Drop Target

Here we have two choices, a correct drop target and any drop target. Use any one based on your requirement.

  1. Check the “reveal drag items one at a time” option and click the button beside it (which is highlighted in the following image).

Sorting Options Button

  1. A small window appears displaying all the drag items. Sort them in the order in which you want them to randomize using the up/down arrows as shown in the following image. Then  click OK.

Buttons to Sort Items

  1. Coming to Drop target options,  if there are a lot of items to drop, check the snap dropped items to drop target checkbox and select an option from the dropdown box. The usage of these options depends on our requirement. These include:
  • Tile
  • Stack Random
  • Stack Offset
  • Snap to Center
  • Free

For  the purpose of this illustration, select “Stack Offset”.

Drop Target Options

  1.  Click on “save and Close” to complete the Drag and Drop settings.

Save Button

  1. The next step is to create a Correct/Incorrect layer and add a simple trigger to hide these layers automatically when the timeline ends.

Hide Layer Trigger10. Coming to the last step, add a trigger to show Correct/Incorrect layers when the drag items dropped onto the corresponding targets.

Show Layer Trigger

That’s it! You’ve customized the Drag and Drop interaction feature in articulate storyline.

If you have more information about this, please do share the same.

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