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Snap Back Draggable Items of Drag and Drop in Articulate Storyline

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Snap Back Draggable Items of Drag and Drop in Articulate Storyline

When we use customize the drag and drop interactivity, in Articulate Storyline, the most common problem we face is -the draggable items are stuck at a drop position, when the learner is asked to retry the question, if he chooses the wrong answer.

To bring the draggable items back to their original positions, when user clicks “try again” button, follow the below steps.

Step1: First, create a customized drag and drop question with number of attempts more than 1.


Step2: Go to “Try Again” layer and give the below triggers for the “Try Again” button in this layer.

Trigger 1: Change the first draggable item’s state to hidden when user clicks “Try Again” button.


Trigger 2: Change the first draggable item state into normal when user clicks “Try Again” button.

Trigger 2

Step 3: Apply these two triggers for all the draggable items.


Step 4: Place the trigger “Hide layer this layer“(see the below image) when user clicks “Try Again” button” at the bottom of the triggers.


Step 5: Now publish your course and check your output.

In this way you can snap back the drag objects back to their Original position. Have anything to say? Please do share!

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