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Manage Distributor & Reseller Training Outside Your Company’s Secure Servers

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Manage Distributor & Reseller Training Outside Your Company's Secure Servers

Do you wish you could train the sales personnel of your distributors or resellers, as effectively as your employees? Wouldn’t it be great if they had as much access to eLearning programs as your employees, without gaining access to your company’s secure LMS? It is now possible to have effective online training programs for them, the same way as for your employees; by creating a separate LMS, exclusively for your resellers and distributors.

Thanks to the multitude of open source LMSs that are available in the market today, it is not only viable but also cost-effective to opt for a separate LMS for your resellers or distributors. Many organizations have already started this trend. This enables them to use LMSs outside their company firewalls; train their dealers, distributors and their sales personnel on a variety of subjects such as products, industry trends or best practices.

Learning Management Systems were started in universities, to administer courses, and to track and monitor student performance. This concept was later adopted by organizations for their employees. Now, organizations are taking it a step further by using it to manage training requirements of their extended stakeholders such as dealers, distributors, resellers, and even customers.

While interacting with our clients, we have observed this evolution of the Learning Management System, which has opened up multitude of options (such as creating exclusive learning portal for distributors), and has significantly changed the way learning and training is taking place in organizations.

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