5 Questions to Ask About Learners Before Developing E-learning Courses

5 Questions to Ask About Learners Before Developing E-learning Courses

The first and the foremost thing you need to do before starting eLearning course development is “learner analysis”. In fact a brief Knowledge about the target audience, their preferences and skill set will help you design effective online courses.

Here are some points that can help you with the analysis.

1. What is the skill level of employees?


Think about the skill level of learners whether they are intermediate, novice or advanced level in online training. This will help you to decide on how to use your language, instruction, interactivities in a way to help the learner to succeed in training program.

Like for example, If you have to include some technical terms which your learners may not be familiar. Then you can include a glossary to provide the definitions.

2. Are learners familiar with online courses?


Check whether the learners are familiar with the online courses. If they are not familiar they may face difficulty with the navigation. This understanding can greatly help you in designing the eLearning courses.

For example: If they are not familiar with the navigation, then you can Include the information on how to navigate and complete the online course like.

3. How much time will the learner be able to spend on the course?


This will help you decide how to divide the content, to what level you have to chunk and how to present it.

For example: If the content is more and they will just have half an hour to take the course. You can divide it into modules to ensure the learner will complete the course within the specified time limits.

4. What is the job description of the learners?


If you know their job description and how does the course help them, the course can be made more specific to him. You can include specific slang, terms, and relevant scenarios in your online training program. This will help the learners easy to understand the content. If your learners work in different fields make sure to use the general terminology and scenarios.

5. Do the learners need to be assessed at the end of course completion?

Generally we include assessments at the end of the course, as most of us want to track what learners have learnt. This will become easy by adding quiz like true/false and multiple choice questions. But for some online courses like if it is aimed at only creating awareness, then you may not be interested in tracking.

These are some basic but important points that should be answered before you start developing your online courses. Hope it was useful to you. Do share if you wish to add any more to the list.

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