An Incredible Assessment Developed Using Articulate Storyline

An Incredible Assessment Developed Using Articulate Storyline

An Incredible Assessment Developed Using Articulate Storyline

Do you wish to assess the suitability of your people to managerial roles? Are you looking for an online course to measure their Intelligence Quotient (IQ), Emotional Quotient (EQ) and aptitude to manage workers effectively? Then you may like to hear our experiences.

One of our clients, a consultant to several firms in personality development, had asked us to develop an eLearning course to develop the skills of prospective managers. We developed the course using Articulate Storyline. We had to customize Storyline to create the assessment for this eLearning course. Let me share more about this assessment.

So, what were the requirements of our client?

    1. The client gave us a list of 300 questions. These 300 questions were divided into 3 groups of 100 questions each. Each group was represented by a color – Yellow, Green, Blue. Questions in group Yellow tested the IQ of the learners, while the questions in group Green tested their EQ. The questions in group Blue were used to measure their aptitude to handle teams effectively.
    2. The client stipulated that each instance of this assessment should contain only 120 of these 300 questions. They wanted these questions to be generated randomly. Furthermore, they wanted all question groups to be represented in this set of 120 questions. There was no restriction on the number of questions from each group though.
    3. They wanted to display the number of correct answers to questions belonging to a group as a percentage of the total number of questions asked from that group. They wanted these statistics to be displayed in the form of a pie chart. A sample scenario is represented in this table:
Number of questions604020
Number of questions answered correctly244015
The percentage of questions answered correctly4010075


  1. The client stated that upon clicking this pie chart a new window should open in which there would be an analysis of each answer – explanation as to why it was right or wrong. They wanted the analysis of the answers to the questions in the group that had the highest percentage of correct answers to be done first, then the group with the second highest percentage and finally the third. For instance, in the above case, when a learner clicks the pie chart, a new window would appear that contains the analysis of answers to questions from group Green as it had the highest percentage of questions that were answered correctly. Then comes the turn of answers to questions in group Blue followed by group Yellow.

We fulfilled these requirements of the client leaving them on cloud nine. Do you have similar requirements? Please contact us today and get the online course that effectively fulfills your needs.

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