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Customizing the Self-Enrollment Feature in LMS

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Customizing the Self-Enrollment Feature in LMS

One of our clients who uses open source LMS Moodle as his online learning platform to deliver eLearning courses to his employees wanted to customize his LMS according to his new requirements. Here I would like to share with you one of his requirements, that is, about the enrollment key feature and how we customized it to fulfill his need.

An Enrollment key is a default feature in Moodle, which allows self-enrollment for the learners. This means when the enrollment key is enabled for a particular course in LMS by the administrator, all the registered users can enroll for the course themselves. Here the client wanted to restrict this self-enrolled type of courses only to a particular set of users. For this he wanted us to customize the self-enrollment feature such that the user having a voucher code (sent by the LMS administrator) should enter it in the LMS when asked and can enroll himself for the course.

For this requirement, we developed a plugin for the LMS that could generate voucher and customize the self enrollment feature such that it allows the learner to self- enroll only after entering the voucher code. The LMS administrator can send the code generated to users, so that the user can enroll for the course only after entering this code.

How to use this plugin:


The LMS administrator can create any number of voucher codes for a particular course and manage them with the help of this plugin. The unique voucher code is valid for a particular course and single LMS user and it is valid just once.

The LMS administrator can export all available voucher codes and send the voucher codes to LMS users. This is the typical screen shot of generating voucher codes in LMS.

Generating voucher codes in LMS

The LMS administrator can export all available voucher codes and send them to the LMS users.

Entering the voucher code

The user, only on entering the voucher code can enroll for the course. This also eliminates the administrators’ work of enabling the self-enrollment method for each and every course in the LMS.

Please do share your thoughts.

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  • Hi Madhu,
    I’m interested in this voucher system plugin you have written. Is it still under development? Is it being maintained? Our team is interested in trying it out in our beta testing of our Moodle entrepreneurial assessment in South Africa.