Creating a Custom Pick Many Slide in Articulate Storyline to Meet Various Requirements

Creating a Custom Pick Many Slide in Articulate Storyline to Meet Various Requirements

Creating a Custom Pick Many Slide in Articulate Storyline to Meet Various Requirements

Customization in Articulate Storyline is truly fun. We learn many ways of creating new options. ‘Pick Many’ is a Freeform quizzing slide. It works very similar to the ‘Graded Multiple Responses’ slide. When we have two correct answers, if the user selects only one of them and clicks ‘Submit’, then we get the ‘Incorrect’ feedback.

But one of our clients asked us to customize this quiz such that if the learner clicks any of the incorrect options we show him the incorrect feedback. But if he selects any of the correct options then he must be prompted with an instruction that he should select another correct option as well, instead receiving the usual incorrect feedback.

Pick many

So, let’s see how I solved it.


1. First, create 4 objects on the main slide and three feedback layers (Correct, Incorrect and Alert).

Creating  Dummy Objects

Different Layers

2. Create a variable named “Pickmany” (it would be easy to remember because I’ve associated it with the slide name) and adjust it as shown in the screenshot below.

Trigger wizard

3. Now I will adjust the same variable in completely opposite way to what I did earlier.

Trigger wizard 2


I have adjusted the same variable in two different ways because, in Storyline, once a variable changes its default value it doesn’t come back to that value unless we adjust it in that manner.

Here, if the learner selects both correct boxes, the variable turns to true, but before submitting his answer if the learner changes his mind, deselects the correct ones and selects the wrong boxes, then the second trigger of adjusting the variable helps the variable to turn to false again.

4. Now create triggers as shown in the screenshots below:

Trigger wizard 3

5. This trigger will help you give the correct feedback. (When both the correct boxes are selected the variable becomes true, so the answer is correct.)

Trigger wizard 4

6. If only one of the correct option is selected, variable would still be false. Then this trigger would help you show the learner an instruction asking him to select the other correct as well.

Trigger wizard 5

If the variable is true, that means both the correct options are selected and if a wrong one is also selected, then this trigger would help you to tell the learner that he is wrong.

So these are some simple steps to create customizable quizzes in articulate storyline. For more such customizations stay tuned to my blogs.

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