Customizing LMS Dashboard to Make it User Friendly

Customizing LMS Dashboard to Make it User Friendly

Many of us are aware of how the dashboard of an open source Learning Management System (LMS) such as Moodle introduces users to various features. These features in the LMS dashboard allows users to view and access their course status and various other activities related to learning.

But do we know that it is possible to customize an LMS dashboard? Through customization, new features can be added to the dashboard of an LMS and existing ones can be removed.

As different organizations have their own working environments and training requirements, it is always better to go in for customization so that new features can be included in dashboard as per the exact requirements and unwanted features can be removed. In this blog, I would like to share about our team’s experience in adding three new features to a Moodle LMS dashboard: Resume, Resources and Message Board. Let us look upon these three features one by one.


The resume feature is developed to give more control to users over their learning activities. When users click on the resume menu, they can directly jump to the main page of that specific eLearning course that they had recently visited. Here, let us assume that a user, who has registered himself/herself for five eLearning courses, is currently going through the chapters/topics of the third eLearning course. Then what happens is when the user clicks the resume menu the next time after logging in, he or she will be directly linked to the third course automatically. This feature reminds the users about their recently visited eLearning course.



This can be considered a very interesting feature because it directs the users to the resources page where they can access webinars, presentations, videos and other useful training materials. Here, users can view/read, add/download and share each of these resources according to their choice.


Message Board:

This feature allows users to view the messages sent by others who have access to the LMS. The ‘message board’ can be customized in such a way that the number of received mails can be known even from the dashboard. When users click the ‘message board’, they are directly navigated to the messages page, where they can see both the offline/online users. Users can also search for other users by entering the name/ID of respective users in the required search field and subsequently clicking the ‘Search people and messages’ button. In addition to these advantages, users can even chat with each other and share the information as well as attach and send required files.

Message Board

In this way new features can be added as well as existing features can be removed from an LMS dashboard. This customization of Learning Management System is intended to give more control and power to users over the stored data in LMS. So what is the new feature that you would like to have in your LMS? Please do share your views regarding this. We would really appreciate to hear from you.

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